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Process-Logic prides itself on its commitment to quality. Our Quality System is the cornerstone of our operations, providing the framework for our standard operating procedures and work practices. It governs the performance of our day to day tasks, and most importantly, it reflects our commitment to consistently deliver services of the highest caliber. Process-Logic also has a strong commitment to technical excellence. We maintain active memberships in professional organizations such as the ISA, ISPE, NFPA & AICHe. We participate regularly in training seminars and classes put on by these and other organizations so that we can proudly maintain our positions as experts in our field. Lastly, we are 100% committed to meeting or exceeding the requirements of our client’s projects in terms of cost, functionality and schedule. Each staff member of Process-Logic has a tremendous work ethic. We work hard because we love what we do…and we strive to do it right.

Stephan J. Sosik, President / Principal Engineer

Chemical Process Engineer with over 30 years of experience in process design, process control, and automation systems. [cGMP]

Most Recent Projects

B+L Tank Farm - Steve designed the control system architecture for the
Tank Farm PLC, which was heavily integrated with the PLCs controlling the lens fabrication lines, the plant Building Management System, the plant Fire Alarm panel, and the plant Fire Suppression System. Steve also provided guidance in the production of the system acceptance tests, which were used referentially in the validation of the system.

Rochester District Heating Cooperative - Steve designed the control system architecture for the Plant Control System, which uses 4 integrated PLCs to control the Plant Master and Boiler Masters for the three main boilers, as well as the subsystems for water softening of the incoming water, pressure boosting, de-aeration, drum level control, cross-linked O2 / fuel control, condensate blowdown, and heat recovery.

Dalton WFI Distribution System - Steve provided PLC and HMI software design, programming, commissioning and validation. Control panel design and fabrication was also supplied under Steve's direction.

Steris WFI Distribution System - Steve provided PLC and HMI software design, programming, commissioning and validation. Control panel design and fabrication was also supplied under Steve's direction.

SUNY Polytechnic Institute Photovoltaic Manufacturing and Technology Development Facility - Steve is currently leading the engineering team for the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and process control disciplines in a project to relocate a photovoltaic wafer manufacturing process from Silicon Valley to Rochester NY. The relocation is being executed in phases, with the first set of fabrication tools slated to begin operation in the 1st Q of 2015.

Van Lare Control Structure 46 Upgrades - Steve is currently leading the engineering team for the electrical, instrumentation and process control disciplines, in conducting an assessment study and producing a feasibilty report for upgrading a key hydraulic control element in Monroe County's waste water management system.

BS, Chemistry, SUNY Brockport, 1979
Chemical Engineering Diploma, ICS - 3M Sponsored Program, 1981 New York State E.I.T. Exam taken and passed, 1986 Masters Program, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, College of St. Thomas St. Paul, MN, 9 credit hours completed, 1987 Masters Program, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, National Technical University, 9 credit hours completed, 1993

ISA, the Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society
ISPE, the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers Society for Life Science Professionals
NFPA, the National Fire Protection Association

Contact Information
Phone: (585) 295-2105 x122

Daniel J. Galley, Vice President / Senior Engineer & Project Manager

Electrical Engineering Technologist with 30+ years experience in the design of electrical distribution systems, motor control systems, and process control systems, particularly Control Logix PLCs, Devicenet and redundant Controlnet communications.

Most Recent Projects

B+L Tank Farm - Dan led the Process-Logic design team on this project to install a solvent tank farm for supporting 2 new manufacturing lines for contact lenses. Dan managed all aspects and activities of the project execution, including:
* Procurement of Instrumentation
* Production of detailed installation drawings
* Coordination of installation activities with MEP trades
* Production of PLC and HMI code
* Construction Supervision
* Commissioning activities
* Creation and execution of acceptance test protocols
* Assembly of Engineering Turnover Package
* Training of B+L operators, technicians, and engineers
* Ongoing technical support as the production lines come online

Rochester District Heating Cooperative - Dan led the Process-Logic design team on this project to upgrade the control system for the three main boilers and support systems for this downtown Rochester steam generation plant. This project involved complete removal of all old, existing control equipment and replacing it with Rockwell hardware and software.

Envera Fermentation System - Dan provided electrical and controls engineering for a fermentation plant in Pennsylvania. Project required complete incoming electrical utility upgrade along with new plant power distribution system. Control system utilizes Rockwell CompactLogix based PLC system with infrastructure designed for significant future expansion.

Pfaudler Glass Integrity Tester - Dan recently concluded upgrade of reactor vessel glass integrity monitoring system for globally recognized manufacturer of glass-lined reaction vessels. Provided working prototype for customer demonstrations. Worked with Factory Mutual to obtain intrinsically safe recertification of product.

Spectrum Materials - Dan conducted plant startup in China for the first runs of product in an industrial gas production facility, culminating a 2 year effort in the engineering, design, construction supervision, and commissioning of the plant wide process control and power distribution systems.

Industrial Training / Critical Skills

RSLogix 500

Design for Reliability

RSLogix 5000

Reliability Centered Maintenance

RSView Studio

Process Safety Mgmt & Risk Analysis

Rockwell Software Panelbuilder 32

Industrial Machinery

UL508A – Electrical Panel

NFPA79 - Electrical Standard

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York
Pursued degree in Electrical Technology

ISA, the Instrumentation, System, and Automation Society

Contact Information
Email Dan
Phone: (585) 295-2105 x124

John Sosik, PLC Programming & Data Acquisition

Automation Engineer with 6+ years experience in systems design and programming of industrial automation systems, and enterprise data acquisition systems.

Most Recent Projects

Rochester District Heating Cooperative - John provided all the PLC and HMI programming for the Plant Control System, which employs four integrated PLCs to control the Plant Master and Boiler Masters for the three main boilers.  The PCS also handles subsystems for water softening of the incoming water, pressure boosting, de-aeration, drum level control, cross-linked O2 / fuel control, condensate blowdown, and heat recovery steps. The integrated system includes the following:

* FactoryTalkView SE Network Distributed SCADA for local and remote access
* FactoryTalk Historian SE for data historization
* Modbus/TCP Interface to Nalco Trasar blowdown treatment system
* Modbus/TCP Interface to Yokagawa-based Burner Managment Systems

Mylan Pharmeceuticals - John start-up and validation services for two roll-to-roll WEB coating lines at Mylan's St. Albans production facility. This involved integration of several ControlLogix PACs and Equipment Skids across Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP as well as adherence to cGMP practices.

Radient Technology - John provided all PLC and HMI programming services for this Edmonton, Alberta-based company engaged in microwave-enhanced extraction of high value compounds from plant materials. The programming was done using an existing Mitsubishi PLC platform with Beijer HMI terminals.

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals - John provided PLC and HMI programming for a cGMP validated system, adding differential pressure alarming for a controlled environment room in which potent API compounds are handled.


  • PLC Installation, Configuration, Troubleshooting and Programming - Experienced in the following platforms: Allen-Bradley
    Control/Compact/MicroLogix, Mitsubishi Q/L CPU, GE Fanuc 90-30 PLC
  • PLC Programming - Well versed in IEC 61131-3 defined languages.
  • HMI Programming and Troubleshooting - Experienced in creating operator interfaces using ISA standardized graphics for the following platforms:
    • Rockwell FactoryTalk View ME/SE local/SE distributed
    • Allen-Bradley PanelBuilder 32
    • Beijer Q-Term
    • Mitsubishi GOT, Mitsubishi E1000, C-more EA7.
  • Controller PID Tuning - Utilizing both Open Loop and Ziegler-Nichols methods.
  • Instrument Troubleshooting - I/O wiring checkout, HART device programming, CIP communications from third-party equipment (ex: Weight Scales, VFD, Chillers).
  • Network Planning and Troubleshooting - Design/Revision of enterprise-wide CIP Network Architecture respecting ICS-CERT best
    practices. Experience working in conjunction with in-house IT teams. Comfortable troubleshooting and expanding existing ControlNet and DeviceNet networks.
  • Documentation and Validation - Writing and executing IOQ Documents for pharmaceutical applications, ensuring system integrity and performance.
  • Data Acquisition - Comfortable configuring several Data Historian brands (OSI, Rockwell, Matrikon and CanaryLabs). Able to incorporate process and lab data into new or existing databases.
  • Knowledgeable on CFR 21 Part 11 compliance and best practices for storing electronic records. Creation of dynamic data
    visualization and reporting.

GXWorks 2 Programming, Mitsubishi Electronics, 2013
Process Control Loop Tuning and Advanced Control Strategies, IDC Technologies, 2010
Matrikon OPC Training Levels 1 & 2 (OPC Integration and Diagnostics), 2009
Bachelors Degree, Photographic Arts and Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2008 (Dean’s List)
Advanced Digital Electronics Course, Monroe Community College, 2001
Computer Science Courses 1 & 2, Monroe Community College, 2001

Industrial Training / Critical Skills

IEC 61131-3 Style Programming

Data Collection and Databases

.NET Programming

OPC Communications

C++ Programming

IOQ Document Generation/Execution

CIP Networks

OSHA 10 Construction Safety and Health

Contact Information
Phone: (585) 295-2105 x129

Elizabeth J. Feeney, Technical Administrator

Technical professional experienced in office management, drafting/design, procurement/expediting, website design/development, writing and editing standards, specifications, policies, procedures and user manuals, with additional skills in data management, pc and server support, software and computer training.

Current Duties

  • Project management support.
  • Computer-aided design and drafting.
  • Computer and software support.
  • Research and produce project proposals.
  • Instrument procurement; create submittal documents, track, accept, and inspect deliveries.


  • Wrote, edited and maintained specifications, standards, policies and procedures for the project management, engineering and technical community.
  • Created and published Frequently Asked Questions and end-user documentation supporting various software roll-outs.
  • Led teams to consolidate multiple databases to eliminate redundancy. Identified and combined key elements to create one cohesive database.
  • Created and administered web-based surveys. Collected input, analyzed, and published summary reports.
  • Designed and implemented organizational web sites; monitored overall site performance, user accessibility, completeness, consistent site style, and site promotion. Created, edited, published and maintained content. Achieved $600K savings by eliminating hard copy publishing and distribution of standards and specifications. Created website and marketing materials that allowed outside sales opportunities, saving jobs and retaining valuable expertise and intellectual property.
  • Alpha Tester for a web-based drawing management system. Application testing and problem reporting in development phase. Trained over 1500 users to search, view, and plot drawings.
  • Training Coordinator for various system and software roll-outs, requested vendor quotes, negotiated training costs, submitted purchase orders and approved invoices for payment. Managed student reservations, scheduling logistics and communications. Also created and delivered training courses to employees in basic computing fundamentals, software installation, scanning, CD burning, and digital imaging tips.
  • Resolved day-to-day computer help issues, including software installation and problem solving.


Technical Editing

OSHA 10 Construction Safety and Health

Expert: Microsoft Office Suite


AutoCAD 2012

Corel Draw

Information Mapping

Adobe PhotoShop

Web Development

Active Server Pages; JavaScript; CCS

Halogen E-Surveyor

Notary Public

Contact Information
Phone: (585) 295-2105 x121

Erik ten Broeke, Senior Automation Engineer

Senior Process Control Engineer having extensive project experience with process control automation systems, HMI/SCADA systems, electrical control systems and process instrumentation and measurement systems.  Specialize in robust modular process control software application solutions portable to hardware platforms supporting IEC 61131-3 control languages.  Creative in developing user-friendly and intuitive interactive HMI displays for process operation(s).

Project and Engineering Management on complex projects starting with project conception, design, installation, debug, startup and commissioning phases.  Synergetic relationship with project team members.  Exceptional analytical troubleshooting skills on system hardware, software, and manufacturing process units.

Installation, startup and accreditation support world-wide.

Harper International Corporation, Lancaster, NY
Senior Controls Engineer
OEM provider of custom thermal processing equipment.  Integrator of turn-key Carbon Fiber Processing Lines. Provide process control automation programming for the equipment and HMI/SCADA application development for operations interface and business management.

Oak Ridge National Laboratories – Carbon Fiber Pilot Line

  • Programmed the controls and automation for the Oxidation Ovens, LT (Low Temperature) & HT (High Temperature) Furnaces, Post Surface Treatment including Electrolysis, Washing and Drying, Sizing and Drying, and the Line Master PLCs all executing on separate Allen-Bradley ControlLogix & CompactLogix controllers.
  • Developed and programmed the HMI/SCADA application with Wonderware’s ArchestrA System Platform software.  Provided Wonderware InTouch® HMI displays utilizing Object-Based Architectures for the process equipment and associated controls and measurements. In addition, generated and integrated HMI objects and displays for the Creel (Unwinders), Conveyance Drives, Winder, and Thermal Oxidizer process units.
  • Wonderware hardware architecture included; Wonderware Development Studio with IDE 3.1, Wonderware Device Integration Server, Wonderware Terminal Services (6 thin clients), and Wonderware Historian.
  • Incorporated dual EtherNet I/P communications on each controller one dedicated for the control network and the other for the HMI/SCADA network. Provided on-site process unit installation(s) and startup support.

LT & HT Furnaces for Full Scale Carbon Fiber Production Lines in South Korea

  • Programmed the controls and automation for Allen-Bradley’s CompactLogix controllers on production scale LT and HT Furnaces for two different companies in South Korea. These furnaces perform (fiber) carbonization processing on carbon fiber line(s).
  • Developed the FactoryTalk View® ME HMI applications for operations.
  • Provided on-site installation and startup/accreditation support.

Optimation Technology, Inc., Rush, NY
Software Engineer
Provide project management, engineering management, engineering & design, and software engineering/design/coding for new automation system installations.  Also, provide support and consultation services for existing installed systems.

Festoon Oven Controls and HMI Programming, 3M Corporation

  • Created the Functional Software Specification document for festoon oven(s) controls using the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5000 controller platform and GE Fanuc Proficy iFIX HMI/SCADA interface.
  • Programmed all process control and measurement loops, logic, state-machine-controls, etc., for 2 ovens on separate A-B ControlLogix systems utilizing Ladder Diagrams, Function Block Diagrams, Sequential Function Chart, and Structured Text programming languages.
  • Developed ~35 iFix HMI displays for operational interface and interaction with the process and control systems. Provided complete startup support, software debug, and control loop tuning (PIDE).

Machine Vision Inspection System, Pactiv Corporation
Provide startup support on multiple (Keyence) Vision Systems for product measurement and defect detection.  Integrate the measurement data into a Statistical Process Control Analysis & Reporting (Quality Assurance) software package used by Pactiv.  This was achieved via an interactive Visual Basic interface program which obtained the measurement data from the Vision System and package it for importing into the QAS database.

Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY
Senior Process Control Engineer
Capital Engineering Division member providing engineering, management, and leadership services on numerous capital projects, resulting in production capacity, process improvements, and product optimization.

International Precision Optical Film Manufacturing Facility
Member of an Electrical/Instrumentation (E/I) engineering control team responsible for preliminary design of a new solvent based optical film manufacturing facility.  Participated in the conceptual design of the control system hardware, software, and networking architecture using Rockwell Automation’s Control Logix platform.

  • Responsible for the hardware architectural layout of the film’s sheet thickness measurement and control strategy (using an autodie), and integration with the control system.
  • Providing input to defining the Software Functional Specification and HMI (Human Machine Interface) Requirement documents.
    Chemical Plant Process Upgrades & Simplification
    Lead Software Engineer for complete automation of a methylene chloride/cellulose triacetate (film base) slurry chemical manufacturing plant.
  • Developed a Finite State Machine software application structure for automating multiple processes while maintaining safety as top priority.  S88 Batch Control Standard guidelines were followed for flexible manufacturing.  Software utilized reentrant code, structured such that it could be ‘ported’ to similar process units using identical code.  Resulted in significantly reduced coding and software maintenance costs.
    Utilized structured text programming language for process unit state monitoring and control, function block programming for device/loop measurement and control, and ladder logic programming for safety interlocking and device control.
  • Interfaced heavily with plant operations and staff personnel for process and operational understanding that resulted in software being ‘user-friendly’, consistent, and repeatable.

Biaxial Film Line Software Engineering & Startup Support
Provided Distributed Control System (DCS) software coding, debug, and commissioning support for a machine upgrade project at a total cost of $30M dollars.

  • Software engineering of code updates to the extrusion controls, and added controls and application software for the new processes.  Provided debug, startup, and control optimization support.
  • Implemented closed-loop web thickness measurement and control via an autodie resulting in at least a 3X reduction in web cross-machine thickness variation.

New State-of-the-Art Biaxial Film Line & Facility
Lead Process Control Software Engineer for a new film base machine and facility costing ~$200M.  Lead Engineer for implementing web Thickness Measurement & Control via an autodie.

  • Software engineering tasks included configuration of loop measurement and controls for all the machine processes encompassing more than 400 field I/O modules.  Coded all the application software to automate machine startups and high-level control(s) of the various processes.
  • Established HMI requirements and prototypes used on 20 workstations.  Configured the historical requirements including interfacing with an Oil Systems Inc. Plant Interface (PI) server.
  • Total software costs were only 14% of the control system and gauging purchase price.  Best ever product thickness uniformity within the company.  Successfully met an extremely aggressive ‘world-class’ project life cycle.

Completed course requirements towards MS Electrical Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY
BS Electrical Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo, NY
AAS Engineering Science, Ulster County Community College, Stone Ridge, NY


  • Rockwell: Developing Logix 5000 Projects (ControlLogix and CompactLogix) / RSLogix 500 for Micrologix and SLC500 / Designing & Configuring Ethernet/IP Networks / ControlNet / DeviceNet / FactoryTalk View® SE (Supervisory Edition) & ME (Machine Edition)
  • Wonderware (ArchestrA) System Platform 3.1, Wonderware; InTouch®, DA Services, Historian, Terminal Services
  • AutoCAD Electrical
  • Siemens Simatic STEP 7 Programming, Profibus, WinCC v7.0 HMI/SCADA
  • ABB: Process Portal, OperateIT™ / Advabuild™ / InformIT™ History with Oracle Reports / MOD300 with Advant™ Technology / MOD300 Systems Engineering / Taylor Control Language / Taylor Ladder Logic
  • Modicon & Modicon Quantum Programming
  • Keyence Machine Vision Inspection System
  • GE Fanuc Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX
  • Foxboro I/A Series DCS Engineering Configuration
  • GainSeeker® Suite SPC Analysis & Reporting


  • Piping & Instrument Diagrams, Loop Drawings, Single Line Diagrams, Electrical Schematic and Control Drawings
  • IEC 61131-3 Programming Languages; Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram, Structured Text, Sequential Function, Instruction List
  • Process Optimization utilizing Advanced Control Techniques, Finite State Machine Control, Modular & Reusable Programming Techniques, Exceptional Classical Tuning Capability
  • Continuous Web Measurement & Control systems Hardware & Software: ABB Accuray Measurement and Control Systems, Honeywell-Measurex Vision Web Gauging and Control Systems, Machine and Cross-Directional Thickness Control
  • Visual Studio 2008, Visual Basic for Applications, Unix Operating Systems, System Networking, OPC, SQL, Historians

Contact Information
Phone: (585) 295-2105 x131

Ken Jentzen, Senior Electrical Engineer

Most Recent Projects
Pactiv Corporation, Canandaigua, NY
Currently providing arc-flash hazard analysis studies and remedial recommendations at Reynolds / Pactiv plants across the US.


  • Arc Flash / Fault Current calculations
  • Compliance with OSHA 1910 29 CFR-1910 Subpart S and NFPA 70e
  • Power Factor Correction calculations
  • Industrial Power Distribution System Design
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